Friday, May 29, 2009

Zoya MatteVelvet Nail Polish

Lately pretty much every nail polish brand is coming out with matte nail polishes, in my recent post I blogged about OPI coming out with matte polishes too. Zoya's MatteVelvet comes in three colors:
Loredana (ZP498) - all out glam gray
Dovima (ZP499) - striking black

Posh (ZP500) - pinup pretty deep red

Description on the website:
"The Zoya MatteVelvet collection brings back this retro look with an updated Limited Edition collection of three gloss free hues. Unique matte shimmer formula makes them ultra-wearable and uber-stylish!"

The red looks pretty cute, i might buy it but we'll see. The OPI mattes look better to me though. How about you? Planning to buy anything from this collection? Feedback in the commenting box!


P.S. Only 8 (or nine, have to check) more days until I'm in sunny California! Yay! :)


  1. Those Zoya polishes look so pretty in their packaging. Have you tried them out?

    Where in CA are you staying at?

  2. I'm planning to buy Posh (the red one) but I'm still deciding :)

    I'm staying in Tustin and then LA

  3. Looks nice! When you buy it, please make swatches.