Sunday, December 28, 2008

NYX Cosmetics Haul! No. 1

I was looking at some beauty websites and blogs when I came upon Cherry Culture and I found out there is a big sale going on. I usually don't buy from Cherry Culture that much but they had some NYX cosmetics on sale for very, very low prices. The reason I usually don't buy from there is because the only brand they have that I actually like is NYX. Of course I got a little haul because the prices were sooo low! This is the stuff I got:

1.) NYX Black Label Lipstick in Summer In Hamptons (Original price $7.00) $6.00

2.) NYX Round Lipstick in Goddess, Watermelon, and Frosty Beige (Original price $3.50) $1.50

3.) NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss in Sparkle and Soap Opera Queen $2.00

I will post the link and pictures as soon as I can so come back later if you want to see the shades.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sephora Haul! (From the sale) No. 1

Hey again! I just did some online shopping on the Sephora website where they are having a sale. Up to 75% off! Once again, shopping galore! This is what I got so far, and yes there is probably more to come :D

1.) Vincent Longo
Lip Luster Set ($89 Value) (Original Price $38) Now $19 (Limited Edition & Online Only)

2.) Sephora Crystallized Palette Collector's Edition ($130 Value) (Original Price $38) (Now $32)

3.) This one I bought a few days ago but I love it so much I want to mention it again! It was mentioned in one of my previous blogs (The one labeled "This post is for all of you who love NARS!") I bought Sephora Excusive Lip Gloss Collection ($81 Value) (Original Price $45), (Now $35)
Hope you get some good deals!

-Jessica is having a sale!

I just got on the Sephora website and they are having a sale! Up to 75% off! This is going to be shopping galore! Ha, ha so go on to the Sephora website and get some good deals for the winter! If you get anything tell me and even post a review in the commenting box if you want. Write what is a good product or what is a rip off. This is definitely going to help all of us out.



Satin Lip Cream (Limited Edition!)

Here is another Chanel product that i just got. A collection of gorgeous lip cream shades that form the Chanel icon, the double C. This is limited edition and fabulous! It is $60 and the gloss is lovely! Here is the link if you would like to buy it:

If you've bought it tell me what you think in the commenting box! I would love to here your reviews.


P.S. I am trying to update as much as I can since it is Christmas break but I won't be updating as much when winter vacay is over so enjoy the updating as it lasts. :D

Chanel mini haul! No. 1 (Merry Christmas Eve!)

Merry almost Christmas everybody! Since its the holidays I decided to treat myself with some early gifts and I'm going to share them with you guys. If you didn't already know lipgloss is one of my favorite makeup products to spend on. And one of my favorite lipglosses is Chanel's Glossimer in Rose Sand and Bronze Crystal #177.

I also got Chanel's Powder Blush in Orchid Rose. This it's shade on the website and here is a picture of it.

Have a happy holiday!!

- Jessica

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MAC Haul! No. 1

Yes, I said Mac Haul No. 1 because the will be a lot more coming! I was online shopping on Mac's website and here is what I got.

First up is Mac's Dazzleglass in Sugarimmed. On the website the shade description is: Milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl (Frost)

2.) Mac's Beauty Powder Blush in Stark Naked. The websites description is:
Shimmery mid-tone mauve with gold pearl (Satin)

3.) Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish in Petticoat. On the website the shade description is: Pale rose with gold and amber veining

I love all of the stuff I bought and I can't wait to experiment!


Monday, December 22, 2008

This post is for all of you who love Nars!!

If you didn't already know, on there is a Limited Edition Nars Sephora Exclusive Lip Gloss Collection for only $35 ($81 Value). The collection includes five mini lip glosses (wand). Here is the website's description: Sephora Exclusive Lip Gloss Collection gives your lips some serious shine with a must-have compilation of essential gloss shades. Each shade offers a faint luminous sheen that can be mixed and matched to create your own custom color. The flavors are:

- Triple X (clear shine)
- Harlow (silvery mauve)
- Striptease (pearlized beige sheen)
- Bloodwork (red vinyl)
- Orgasm (peachy pink shimmer)

Some of these lip glosses have been mentioned and/or used in AllThatGlitters21's blogs and tutorials on YouTube so check her channel out to see what these lip glosses would look good with.

Here is the link:

I am totally buying this!


My first post

Hey everyone, and welcome to my new blog! This blog is a blog for me to write about pretty much anything related to beauty. I will mainly post about makeup, hair care, skin care, and a lot more. I know that my profile says that I've been a member since April 2008 but I wasn't able to post anything until now December 2008. I am not sure why I wasn't able to post anything. Maybe a glitch in the system? Anyways, I'll blog more later.

Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy Holidays!