Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gilt: My New Favorite Website! Plus haul!
You all know that I love to splurge on stuff and save at the same time. Now, that is completely easy to do. I found this out from Temptalia. As the title says my new favorite website to splurge on is Gilt it is similar to Hautelook and ideeli (I mentioned them in previous posts.) but they have better stuff and another thing I love- the "waiting list"! I hate waiting and I am definitely impatient but the thing I love about their "waiting list" is that if something I want is sold out I can enter in the waiting list and I still might be able to buy it. So head on over to Gilt and start shopping! The Marc Jacobs sale is ending at midnight so go buy something now! :)
By the way the link above is an invite-link so I could tell you guys too. Gilt is an invite-only website so if you don't already have an account then that link up there is perfect.


P.S. The long awaited haul post will be up later today! I promise :)

The pictures above are the purses that I bought. Which one do you like the best? Hint: The purse that gets the most "likes" will be given away in a contest coming up when I reach 20 or 30 followers on my blog!Just comment in the commenting box!

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