Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sephora Haul! (From the sale) No. 1

Hey again! I just did some online shopping on the Sephora website where they are having a sale. Up to 75% off! Once again, shopping galore! This is what I got so far, and yes there is probably more to come :D

1.) Vincent Longo
Lip Luster Set ($89 Value) (Original Price $38) Now $19 (Limited Edition & Online Only)

2.) Sephora Crystallized Palette Collector's Edition ($130 Value) (Original Price $38) (Now $32)

3.) This one I bought a few days ago but I love it so much I want to mention it again! It was mentioned in one of my previous blogs (The one labeled "This post is for all of you who love NARS!") I bought Sephora Excusive Lip Gloss Collection ($81 Value) (Original Price $45), (Now $35)
Hope you get some good deals!


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