Sunday, December 28, 2008

NYX Cosmetics Haul! No. 1

I was looking at some beauty websites and blogs when I came upon Cherry Culture and I found out there is a big sale going on. I usually don't buy from Cherry Culture that much but they had some NYX cosmetics on sale for very, very low prices. The reason I usually don't buy from there is because the only brand they have that I actually like is NYX. Of course I got a little haul because the prices were sooo low! This is the stuff I got:

1.) NYX Black Label Lipstick in Summer In Hamptons (Original price $7.00) $6.00

2.) NYX Round Lipstick in Goddess, Watermelon, and Frosty Beige (Original price $3.50) $1.50

3.) NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss in Sparkle and Soap Opera Queen $2.00

I will post the link and pictures as soon as I can so come back later if you want to see the shades.


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