Monday, August 10, 2009


The Precious Pearl Palette ($130 Value)
Stila's Limited Edition Precious Pearl Palette is half off at Sephora! It used to be $40 and now its only $20 ($140 value!) I already have one but I'm going to buy another one as a gift since its limited edition. There are endless looks you can make with this palette since there are six eyeshadows.

From the Sephora site:

This set contains:
- White Gold (soft creamy white with gold shimmer)
- Soft Pink (light pink with pink and white shimmer)
- Mid-tone Pink (neutral warm pink with pink shimmer)
- Deep Blue (dark blackish navy with blue shimmer)
- Green (intense mermaid green with blue and green shimmer)
- Gold (deep gold with yellow and gold shimmer)


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  1. I love the colors for make up. its so cool.. How do i order?